18 Situations That Are Way Too Far WTF

Much of the time “WTF” is sufficient to sum up the absurdity of a situation. Not in these cases. Not nearly. Not now. Not ever. Here WTF doesn’t even begin to cover it.


 1. Seeing while driving? That’s for hippies and communists.


2. The guy in #1 had obviously seen this one already.


3. Hide your kids. Hide your wife.

4. Bonding activities often help build a sense of community. Also STDs.


5. Down with these liberal playgrounds with their namby-pamby safety measures…


6. Just slappin’ a little bass.

7. It’s like that ABBA song: “Take a cancer on me!”


8. This kid was initially a Chamillionaire fan, but now believes that the Houston rapper has “changed.”


9. The wind blew the trees. Blew them real good.

10. No one likes a show off.


11. Take everything.

12. Did anyone think this was an appropriate way to remember?


13. That’s going to be some colorful vom.


14. This snapping turtle severely changing the PR perspective his kind has been working on for years.

15. What the souls of these microwave owners look like.


16. Things escalate quickly at this mall.


17. You have the right to hold and bear way too much weight on one grotesquely skinny arm.

18. DomiNO.