19 Pictures That Will Send You Straight Back To Elementary School

1. The nightmare of every elementary school kid!



2. “Shooting up” on the led


3. This appeared on EVERY surface you owned


4. Myth numero uno


5. When the blue one ran out …


6. Seeing this in your classroom caused instant relief


7. Having a hoon on these was always awesome


9. 80087355 was the only relevant number


10. This was always the best day of the year.


11. Marker fights!


12. These brownies would send you out of this world


13. Fighting intergalactic badies with your sweet math skills


14. Colored Macs!


16. The most fun device in the entire school!



17. The original emoji


18. Loosing one meant the whole pencil was done and you ALWAYS lost one…


19. The original text message