19 Photos That Show Just How Different The World Is Today

If you grew up in the 90s, you probably remember life being a lot simpler. You wore clothes that were five sizes too big for you, and dating involved actually speaking to a real person. You know, by moving your mouth and making words.


1. The evolution of ‘between the legs selfies’.


2. Pumpkins are so in right now.


3. Senior girl came dressed as 1996.

4. “My little girl’s growing up so fast”.


5. Who didn’t love a good walkman?


6. “But Max’s parents bought him the new iPhone, go to hell mom”.

7. A man’s grip on his suit was like his grip on the world.


8. What happened to the good old days when girls stayed on one side and the boys stayed on the other?


9. “…And while I’m here, could I grab some sugar?”.

10. “God mom nobody wants to see my fully clothed Instagram pics!”.


11. The “now I have an excuse to post my abs” selfie.


12. Clothing used to separate the weak from the strong. Now society’s gone and confused everything!

13. The heartwarming message of the selfie generation: never be yourself.


14. Beachwear meets beachwear?


15. Go run and play outside with your selfie stick honey.

16. Is that what the kids mean when they talk about Grinder?


17. The use of orange in this work is extremely compelling.


18. Remember when kids weren’t posting selfies of their uteruses?

19. At least they aren’t naked, right parents?