19 People Who Are Next Level With Their Genius

When people think outside the box, wonderful and extraordinary things can happen. Don’t miss out on important life events. Get creative, like these 18 fine individuals.


1. Never let the dud family member miss out again.


2. You Sir, go to the top of the class.


3. Mwaha you little devils.

4. Maze runner kitty.


5. Tanning in the nude but it is still appropriate.


6. This employee knows that Star Wars brings people together.

7. The only issue is if the door is closed.


8. Eat that garbage nazi.


9. He is dedicated to his art but he needs to chill a little bit.

10. Accurate, cheap and informative.


11. It’s a last resort but it is necessary.


12. This girl has got mad skills.

13. Well if his little t-rex arms won’t do the job, why not?


14. Someone promote her!


15. That’s what you get for not liking delicious pepperoni.

16. “May cause drowsiness” haha wonderful.


17. Beer – the solution to all of life’s little problems.


18. Ain’t nobody stealing this man’s luggage.

19. Celebrating life’s accidents.