19 Parents Who Got It All Wrong

Sure, parenting isn’t easy. For some parents, however, being a good parent seems like an impossible thing to do.


1. “You’re going to follow in your daddy’s footsteps. No pressure, though.”


2. When she said Disney princess, she actually meant the dressed version.


3. Now you understand why some children become…

4. … exceptionally screwed-up adults…


5. … who then have even crazier children.


6. Of all the things they could have taught their kid, why this?

7. Displaying some quality parenting skills.


8. Sexuality can be a difficult thing to explain.


9. “Don’t you sometimes miss being a child?” – “Well, not really…”

10. This is why supervising children can be quite important.


11. Mini-me doesn’t seem to be completely convinced.


12. Mamma’s boy.

13. They’re going to grow up having false stereotypes of women’s jobs.


14. The great escape.


15. At this point, even the dog is a better parent.

16. What the actual… ?


17. “Sunscreen? That’s a thing now?”


18. What a proud mom.

19. “Say cheeeese, little Chuck!”