19 Of The Weirdest, Wackiest Competitions Going On All Over The World

1. Worm Charming

Who can charm the most worms out of a 10 x 10 square ft patch of grass? That’s the basic premise of this competition that people actually train for. The world championship is held in Willastown, England.


2. Wife-carrying

The idea is to carry your wife (or any other woman weighing at least 108 pounds) across a 277 yard track. This originated in Finland, although no one really knows why.


3. Black Pudding Throwing

12 black puddings stacked on a 20 ft ledge, with people trying to knock them off with another black pudding, thrown underarm. Only in England.

4. Lawn Mower Racing

The blades are taken off for safety, the mowers are modified to be racing machines, and lawn-mower enthusiasts race them around tracks.


5. Baby Crying Contests

This is a 400 year old festival where two babies are brought into a ring with a sumo wrestler who yells “naki,” which means cry, and makes weird faces. The first baby to cry wins. Although it seems harsh, it’s based on the idea that “crying babies grow fastest” and is supposed to bring health to the babies.


6. Extreme Ironing

These “ironists” seek out the thrill of extreme sports with the satisfaction of a well-pressed skirt. They take ironing boards, shirts and irons to the most ridiculous locations and perform their craft.

7. Cockroach Racing

Weird Contests EMGN7

It’s an Australian tradition that’s pretty simple. Pick a cockroach, put it in the bucket. They bucket is turned upside down in the middle of a circle, and the first cockroach to reach the edge of the circle wins.


8. Rock-Paper-Scissors Championship

It’s not a just a way to see who gets shotgun. Rock-paper-scissors championships are worldwide, and famous for their huge cash prizes.


9. Gurning Championship

Yep, it’s a competition to see who can make the weirdest face. Brilliant.

10. Bed Racing

Teams are made up of six racers and one passenger. The team has to be dressed up in theme and the bed has to abide by restrictions on size and weight, and must also be able to cross a river at some point during the race. The Great Knaresborough Bed Race started this tradition, but now it’s done all over Europe.


11. Shovel Racing

Shovel racing started as convenient way to groundskeepers to get around, but has since grown into an international sport. It was included in the X Games one year, but removed because of a serious injury.


12. Nailympia

If you’re seriously into nail art, this is the competition for you. There are different competitions for gels and acrylics, but the highlight of Nailympia is the sculpture contest.

13. Chessboxing

It’s chess-boxing fusion. There are the normal chess rules, but then there’s a referee and TKO’s too. You can read all the rules here.


14. Bee Wearing Competition

Participants stand on scale with one queen bee on them, and then try to attract the most bees within an hour. The participant that gains the most weight in bees wins!


15. Redneck Games

These are held annually in East Dublin, Georgia, and they consist of hubcap hurling, toilet seat throwing and the mud pit belly flop, among others.

16. Baby Crawling Contest

One parent releases the baby, the other tries to tempt it to the other end using whatever will work. The first baby to reach the finish line wins!


17. Stone Skimming

It was only a matter of time before this great outdoors pastime became a competition. Participants compete on Eastdale Island in Scotland every year. Everyone has to find their stone naturally on the island, and they’re judged on how far the stone gets, no the number of skips.


18. Toe Wrestling

Yep, it’s as weird as it looks. Participants interlock toes and try to pin each other’s feet down. They start on the right foot, then go to the left, and play again with the right if a tie-break is necessary.


19. World Sauna Championships

These crazy heat-seekers start in a 230˚F sauna and pour a quart of water over the hot stones every half hour. Who ever stays in the longest wins! Unsurprisingly, this competition was cut off when a competitor died.