The 19 Most Bizarre Laws Around The World

Governing bodies be crazy and these are definitely the craziest things that have ever been banned, the fun part is most of them are from right here in the good old US of A.


1. In Iowa it is illegal for a man to wink at a woman he doesn’t know.


2.  Don’t pull mean faces at dogs in Oklahoma or you could be jailed.


3. In Melbourne, Australia according to a 100-year-old law, it is illegal for guys to go out in strapless gowns – you’ve been warned.

4. Strangely two people were arrested in Capri, Italy recently for wearing excessively loud flip-flops following a ban on noisy footwear.


5. It is illegal in Tennessee to share your password to entertainment services like Netflix with a friend.


6. Gum is outlawed in Singapore and spitting it out on a street will get you a $500 fine.

7. Delaware hates women proposing marriage to men so much that you can be charged for disorderly conduct for doing it.


8. If you’re getting all up in there looking for lucky charms in your nose you better not flick what you find into the wind or you will get in trouble with the Alabama law man.


9. In Florida, there is a ban on women skydiving without a husband on Sunday.

You knew that The Sunshine State would be on here and this one is bizarre to say the least.

10. In Washington, hilariously, it is illegal to ride an ugly horse in public to which every college frat boy gives a wink and a nudge saying “just paper bag it am I right?”.


11. Slurping soup in New Jersey is against the law and there are a lot of people out there that would agree with the ban.


12. Utah has a painfully specific law banning you from carrying your violin around in a paper bag. Probably because that’s considered to be too violint.

13. If you like your camo gear then you better stay clear of Barbados where it is illegal to wear it unless you are a member of the country’s drug and defense force.


14. You will get fined $150 in Alberta for screaming in public so keep your YOLO moment to yourself.


15. There are a lot of things you can’t do in Saudi Arabia like have any fun ever because listening to music in public is against the law.

16. You better not run out of gas if you’re travelling down the German Autobahn or you will get a fine because with the speed they go it’s actually pretty dangerous.


17. In a move that proves China loves to mess with Tibet, the Government banned Buddhists from reincarnating without first seeking permission to do so.


18. Playing Scrabble is banned in Romania after former president Nicolae Ceausescu described the game as “overly intellectual”.

19. Manila hates Claire Danes and the feeling is mutual. After filming there Danes said that Manila”smelled like cockroaches” and is now banned from returning.