19 Magnificent Titbits To Help Make Moving Day A Momentous Occasion

According to Melissa Data, roughly 14% of the US population will move every year. That equates to about 40 million, to put it into perspective. If you are among this number of people moving, follow these genius, easy and handy golden nuggets to take some of the stress out of moving.


1. Prepare a separate “first night bag”.

Moving is an exhausting process, the last thing you’ll want to do is unpack everything straight away. Just take the necessities you need to get you through the first night, then start fresh the next morning.


2. Make your moving van a tight squeeze.

If you compactly pack your belongings in the back of the moving van you are using there will be less chance of anything moving around and potentially breaking back there.


3. Justify your high wine consumption.

Wine boxes are a God’s send when moving. They are perfect for moving glassware as they have those delightfully handy built-in compartments.

4. Label your boxes.

This may seem straightforward but you’d be surprised how often clothes get mixed up when moving. The last thing you want to do is confuse your underwear with your girlfriend that’s two feet smaller than you. No one wants to get that image in their mind, let alone see it.


5. Packing is important.

Again with the moving truck. Seriously though, be clever with how you load it up, keep those long items to the side. That tip applies in some everyday circumstances as well.


6. Try to have an idea of how you want the new place to look.

Even if it isn’t the clearest, having some notion of a concept in your mind will be greatly beneficial. It will help avoid having boxes stacked around the place for weeks after you’ve moved in.

7. Always remember to wrap up.

Heavy-duty plastic wrap or tape can help keep things like drawers in place during the process.


8. Label in advance.

The importance of labelling has been stressed already, but to make it easier get this out of the way early. Label everything before you actually begin packing as it will make things a whole lot easier and clearer.


9. Don’t be that guy moving a dirty mattress.

Whatever excuse you have for those stains (no one’s buying them by the way), cover your mattress in a couple of sheets when you’re moving it. Not only will this save you some potential embarrassment, it will help keep your mattress clean.

10. Be creative when looking for boxes.

If you’ve any friends that recently moved, chances are they will still have some boxes left that you can use. Also, check out your local supermarket, they always have a few spare boxes lying around.


11. Save some space by using your drawers.

Pack small, light clothes in your dresser. Socks, underwear and such won’t make it much heavier and it saves some serious space and leave you so much room for activities.


12. Mind your back.

If you have heavy items and luggage with wheels, you also have a match made in moving heaven. Putting heavy items into suitcases with wheels will save you some heavy lifting, decreasing the chance of you hurting your back from heavy lifting.

13. P for passport.

Alphabetized folders are a great thing to have when moving. You can keep important documents in them – a passport for instance – so you can be organized and have them near you at all times.


14. Pack electrics a-cord-ingly.

Terrible puns aside, one very handy tip is to pack electrical cords in sandwich bags. If you label the bags accordingly it will make deciphering them a lot easier. Plus you’ll have the PlayStation set up in no time at all.


15. Hanging clothes go in the trash.

If you have clothes hanging in a wardrobe you don’t want to crease, keep them on the hangars. Put these items in trash bags, it will make them so much easier to pick up and transport.

16. Assign and reward your friends.

If you have friends that are kind enough to help you move, organize pre-planned jobs for them to do. This will help make things go smoothly. Also, don’t be a jerk. Thank them with some sweet lovin’ after. Alternatively, maybe buy them a beer or dinner or something.


17. Cushion your precious items.

That ugly, expensive vase your grandma got you that you really hate should be transported in cushions or pillows. Anything delicate you don’t want broken should have as much cushioning as possible. Maybe prioritize what’s more important, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if that vase broke, let’s be honest.


18. Defrost your fridge at least 24 hours before a move.

For everyone’s sake. Otherwise that could get ugly.

19. Above all, keep calm and move on.

Easier said than done, but above all else just try to remain calm. Moving is stressful enough without you making it more difficult by freaking out. Just don’t lose your composure!