19 Life-Changing Ways To Make Use Of Vinegar

It turns out vinegar can be used for pretty much anything. The acid in the liquid takes care of problems everywhere with ease and changes lives forever. Yay vinegar!


1. Give your furniture the good ol’ vinegar treatment and pets will no longer pee all over them.


2. The oven-scrubbing days are over! Just let that baby soak in some vinegar, baking soda and salt and voila!


3. The ultimate winning combo: vinegar and baking soda will pretty much solve all your problems, including blocked drains.


4. Not enough fluff in your towels anymore? Vinegar!


5. Cleaning your microwave doesn’t even require any scrubbing. Just heat up a bowl of vinegar in the microwave and all of your dreams will come true.


6. Head lice be gone! A fine comb and some vinegar will take care of those suckers.


7. It’s also better than any other carpet cleaner.


8. Vinegar can double as furniture polish.


9. Who says you need air freshener to get rid of odours? Spray that vinegar all over everything!


10. All. Over. Everything.


11. You can even use vinegar to clean out coffee filters…


12. … Or washing machines…


13. … Or dishwashers.



14. It can easily remove wallpaper….



15. … And lint.


16. Vinegar is a champion for cleaning glass…

17. … Or paintbrushes.


18. It can take care of your wooden surfaces…

EMGN Vinegar 18


19. … And take out an entire army of ants.

EMGN Vinegar 19