19 Incredible Unseen Vintage Photos From The Moon Show Us The Beauty Of Outer Space

“From the Earth to the Moon: Vintage NASA Photographs of the First Voyages Beyond Our Home Planet” is an auction of previously unseen vintage photographs. There are 600 in total, including the first photo ever taken from space, and the first space selfie – a photo that Buzz Aldrin took of himself in 1969.
One of the most astounding lots in the auction is a reel taken by the first team to land on the moon in 1969. There are also photos from John Glenn, the first man to take a camera into outer space, and Ed White, who documented his time on Gemini 4 in 1965. Take a look at these crazy images below, and appreciate the vintage beauty of outer space.


1. The first photo ever taken in outer space. It was taken on October 24th, 1946, and was shot from 65 miles above the earth’s surface.


2. Eugene Cernan, an astronaut on Apollo 17, in 1972.


3. Buzz Aldrin in the first ever space-selfie, in 1966.

4. Harrison Schmitt with the US flag and the earth in the background, in December 1972.


5. Apollo 16 lifting off in April 1972.


6. Ed White ‘spacewalking’ over New Mexico on June 3rd, 1965.

7. Alan Shepard with the US flag on the Apollo 14 mission, in 1971.


8. The first Earthrise ever seen by human eyes, on the Apollo 8 mission in 1968.


9. The first high-quality photograph of the far side of the moon.

10. The Earth on July 11, 1969.


11. The Florida Peninsula, looking east, taken on Apollo 7 in October 1968.


12. A photo of Gemini 9, taken in June 1966.

13. Allen Bean, on the Apollo 12 mission in November 1969.


14. Walter Cunningham on Apollo 7 in 1968.


15. The only photo of Neil Armstrong on the moon, taken by Buzz Aldrin in July 1969.


16. Panorama of a geologic find halfway up Hadley Delta mountain, taken on the Apollo 14 mission in August 1971.


17. Panoramic view of the surface of the moon, with David Scott featured.



18. Panoramic photo of the north rim of Crater Pasteur on the far side of the moon, taken in August 1971.