19 Houses That Have Seen Some Things Man…

Here are 19 houses you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley.


1. He’s not happy about his¬†Donald Trump comb over.


2. Facelift.


3. Rebel without a door.

4. You’re most definitely not welcome.


5. This guy needs to shave that unibrow.


6. Don’t make jokes, he’s pretty self-conscious about those massive teeth.

7. When you get that hollow feeling.


8. Love at first sight.


9. He’s been hitting the gym lately.

10. Jake has really been putting himself out there since the divorce.


11. The mummy.


12. Help me!

13. Maybe show a little less teeth?


14. Grandpa forgot to put in his teeth again.


15. That awkward moment you realize you’ve just mistaken a stranger for a friend.

16. It’s time to head for a warmer climate.


17. His boss just caught him at the beach after he called in sick.


18. Check out the dirty mustache on this guy.

19. Breathing in that clean country air.