19 Grown Cats Who Will Always Be Kittens, Deep Down!

Kittens grow up so fast! And there is almost nothing like the tear-jerking, heart-bursting sweetness of a kitten. But, we need to remember that in our cats, there’s still that little cute thing. These 19 pictures show that cats deserve just much “aw-ing” and pawing as ever!


1. Kitty lost the awkwardness, and just got fully cute.


2. Yep, a bit bigger, but there’s no denying those eyes! That look that stops any chance of a scolding!


3. “There’s still so much to see and learn!”

4. Bigger, but just as deliciously keen for a snuggle.


5. The Phantom of the Opera!


5. Some things never change: he just wants a snuggle!

7. Still fits! Just! But she don’t need that little couch! She’s got your lap!


8. He grew into that face, and those eyes got miles warmer! It must be love.


9. That fur still feels heavenly!

10. Still down to perch!


11. Friends for life!


12. You could tell he was always going to be a heartbreaker, but you couldn’t have expected this…

13. The cuddle don’t change. Wow! What growth they’ve been through together!


14. If this cutie can’t find a lap to sit on top of…she finds a laptop.


15. The world gets a little smaller as we grow. Only a little, though!

16. “The Catar Case.”


17. Those eyes only got prettier!


18. Growing up, but never too grown to flop out – full of fun!


19. Cute to beautiful! A stunner from day uno.