19 Family Photos Which Words Couldn’t Describe – What Were They Thinking In #15?

Trying to find the right word to summarize these photos in one is a difficult job, as many family photos go, these are definitely different.

 1. Starting with the half man, half horse? Yep, things only get weirder from here.


2. We know the dominant one  in this family 🙂


3. Wait. The cat? Really?

4. Yup, this may be embarrassing to look back on.


5. Making things a little more visual makes all the difference.


6. The family dogs just didn’t want their photos taken.

7. A pumpkin?

8. The telephone was a great invention.


9. Judging by this picture, they would rather be in space

10. Do you really need a bow in a family photo?


11. It’s a sad occasion when only the cat is in the photo.


12. It’s a fun but slightly awkward photo.


13. Where did the monkeys come from?


14. Just what was happening here?


15. Try recreating this in 20 years time.


16. Me and the cat part ll

17. Well this is a mixed bag, parrot, gun and shades.


19. Wait, we forgot the rest of the farm.