19 Creepy Doubles Who Will Make You Question Reality

With 7 billion people in the world, you are bound to meet your doppelgänger eventually. When you do you must kill it to restore order to the Universe – because that person is probably an alien.


1. Not quite lookalikes, but this is downright outrageous.


2. Even the bags are the same!


3. Looks like it isn’t just people who run into their lookalikes once in a while.

4. This ISN’T a mirror.


5. This one could easily be mistaken for a photo with long exposure.


6. Have two realities just met?

7. Maybe they’re a part of some kind of team?


8. Thirty-three across: A ghostly double of a living person that haunts its living counterpart (12).


9. Good to see they’ve both got the wrap-the-laces-around-the-shoes technique going strong.

10. They share the same personal stylist.


11. Perhaps one of them has a beard or something…


12. This is just getting bizarre now.

13. Stunt doubles.


14. Public transport really is a treasure trove!


15. Two of those boyfriends even look the same – creepy.

16. There was a sale on pom-pom beanies.


17. Definitely a glitch in The Matrix.


18. The scariest thing you’ll find on Google.

19. Look out bro, you’re being watched by yourself.