19 Crazy Facts About Australia That’ll Blow Your Mind

In a land far, far away, people go voting in their bathing suits and prime ministers go for a swim, never to be seen again. Australia sure is one strange continent. Its beautiful beaches will trick you into going for a swim and, if you’re lucky, you might even make it out alive again. Who needs limbs, right?


1. Australia has around 24 million citizens – and this what they look like when they’re voting.


2. In 1967, the Australian prime minister went for a swim and was never seen again.


3. The Northern Australian coast is home to the world’s most poisonous jelly fish.

4. Australia’s first police men had actually been selected from well behaved convicts.


5. Maslin beach in South Australia was Australia’s first ever nude beach. This is also where the beloved nude beach olympics take place every year.

emgn australia pic 7


6. A very cheeky flash mob took place in 1838. When the Tasmanian governor visited 300 female convicts, they all flashed their bums at him to express their disrespect.

7. Wombat poo comes in cubes.


8. The coat of arms features both emu and kangaroo, because neither of them can walk backwards.

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9. In 1932, the Australian Army fought a war against emus – and lost.

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10. Australia’s politics are fierce and merciless: In the past three years, Australia has had four different prime ministers.


11. Even though Australian spiders are both aggressive and venomous, there haven’t been any fatalities caused by spider-bites since 1979.


12. Before the British arrived, Australia was already a very diverse continent, inhabited by the Indigenous population.

They were between 350,000 and one million people, but their diversity was largely diminished by the arriving Europeans.

13. In Western Australia, you can find a place where space in closer than the nearest town.


14. Australia’s koala population is currently suffering from chlamydia.


15. Anna Creek, the world’s largest cattle station (24,000 square kilometer) is bigger than Israel. It is located in South Australia.

16. Before the railways were built, Australia imported camels to transport heavy loads.

When everyone started using trains, camels were rendered useless and released into the Australian desert. By now, Australia has an enormous camel population, which is why they’re exporting them to the Middle East or, alternatively, try shooting them from helicopters.


17. When baby kangaroos (joeys) are born, they’re blind, hairless and tiny.

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18. Australians have the world’s biggest gambling problem.

19. Australia has 10,685 beaches and it’d take 29 years to visit all of them, one beach per day.