19 Cooking Failures Who Should Stick To Ordering Takeout

1. If you’re mixing cereal and beans, you’re doing it wrong.


2. Is it cake or muffins? No one knows!


3. Cooking can be a tricky affair

4. You gotta do what you gotta do

5. Some people just don’t have it


6. That is NOT a meal

7. If you pot lid ends up embedded in your ceiling, you’re doing it wrong


8. That’s not right

9. If your food looks like it’s in pain, you’ve done it wrong

10. Seems legit.


11. Nope nope nope

12. It’s called a tray. Try it.

13. When you don’t have a kitchen in your apartment

Cooking Fails EMGN12

14. That plastic isn’t supposed to go in the oven

15. Whoops

16. Homemade lettuce shredders are not the answer


17. Honey, I burnt the spaghetti

18. That’s not how it looked on Pinterest

19. The recipe said it was simple!