19 Cleaning Secrets That Will Make Life Make Sense Again

Sometimes it is overwhelming – you’ve put in the effort to clean something, and you come out no better than when you started. What a waste of time! Well, you don’t have to anymore. These are the secrets that beat your frustration and allow you to effectively clean even the most stubborn of items.


1. Detail your own upholstery

Paying for an overpriced professional job will likely cost you up to 200 dollars. You can do just as good a job with these instructions. It just takes club soda, vinegar and dish soap. The “After” looks a bit better, don’t it?


2. Clean out the junk collected between your screens and windows.

Pour some baking soda on the grimy, caked up dirt. Add some vinegar until it bubbles and loosens. Work with a toothbrush or a q-tip. Then wipe away with warm water. Fresh.


3. Clean out your refrigerator’s ice maker.

Yep, this one should make you think. When did ya last do this? Shudder. It’s necessary – you don’t want funky tasting, funky smelling, and bacteria laden ice. It’s surprisingly easy to do. Here’s the instructions. Get to it ASAP!

4. Say goodbye to bad laundry smells.

You have got to take care of your washing machine, otherwise you are wasting money and time. If it isn’t too nasty, just run a hot water cycle with bleach added a couple times a month. Or if you need to go Rambo on it, here’s how.


5. Grout it out.

This took only 10 minutes and some scrubbing with Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner With Bleach and presto, it looks miles better. It makes such a difference. If you have a darker tone of grout, you should test out a piece that is hidden from view, like under the fridge. It’s worth it to check whether the bleach in the solution will cause too much damage.


6. Clean your microfiber couch.

Make your microfiber couch look brand new once more. Sure, they’re supposed to be designed to withstand dirt, but that doesn’t always work out so well. Firstly, try scrubbing with rubbing alcohol. If your couch is still looking like the dirty right side of the example above, distilled water is the key. Hard water causes dark circles to appear. It can look scummy. Soak the top material. Rub with a cloth, let it dry and then give it a good hard brushing. It’s a makeover!

7. Remove stains on laminate counters.

Laminate is generally pretty safe at preventing stains, but not perfect. If a spill has been left, a mark can appear. Of course, first try out hot soapy water, but if that’s not doing it, scrub with baking soda. Nice.


8. Clean your hair brushes (finally!).

Hair brushes can get ugly, when clogged to the brim. Make a few snips with scissors every couple of rows of bristle in order to loosen things up. To get it pristine again, soak the brush in a solution of hot water and baking soda. Like new.


9. Brush your car’s air vents of dust.

Use an old paintbrush to get in there and remove the dust your vacuum can’t get at.

10. Clean your ceiling fan without the stress.

When you are standing under the fan poking around, you get covered in the disturbed dust, which gets all stirred up. It’s no one’s idea of a good time. Instead, get an old pillow case and wipe it all away in an easy, contained way.


11. Conquer the rust on your knives.

This can be a tough one, but it doesn’t have to be. You just need the right ingredient. And that ingredient? Bar Keepers Friend. A couple of minutes of effort, and look at the difference! No more raised eyebrows from neighbors.


12. Give your dog’s toys a new lease on life.

Do yourself (and your dog) a favor and make your pet’s playthings hygienic again. Here are great instructions on how to clean all manner of toys.

13. Get your glass bottles sparkling again.

These can drive you crazy, trying to get at the residue that has built up. Dishbrushes just can’t reach. But, there’s hope, and it’s easy. Pour some coarse salt inside the vessel, add dish soap, and then some warm water. Shake vigorously and then, after you have emptied the bottles, rinse out. You’ll be surprised. If it’s in a really stubborn state, repeat the process.


14. Run those faucet stains out of town.

Yep, these are decorative gems, but when they get grimy, they just look dated. You can fix that. Get coarse salt, mix with cleaning vinegar (stronger and more effective than regular vinegar), and create a paste. This you put on the stain and leave for fifteen minutes. Give it a scrub and rinse. There you go.


15. Get that driveway looking proud again.

This is really a tough eyesore, but it CAN be fixed. There’s a product called Pour-N-Restore out there. It sucks the stains right out. It is a paste that you put onto the stain. It dries into a powder than you can dispose of. Yes!

16. Don’t stand for stained baking trays.

When these are dirty, they can make you feel ill. Real appetite killers. Easily fixed, though! So, mix baking powder and hydrogen peroxide. Leave the mixture for a couple of hours, and scrub it right off. Bring back the chrome!


17. Refresh your air conditioning unit.

Over time, the AC gets clogged up and starts to become less and less efficient. It will have happened slowly, but your power bill will have gradually risen. You can beat this. It’s a little bit tough, but it’s not impossible! Just imagine what you can do with the money you’ll save. Instructions are here.


18. Get the marker stains out of your wooden surfaces.

Don’t despair when you see these. As long as it was an accident, it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Just get some toothpaste, lay it on the stain and get to work (or, better yet, get the offending child to do so). With a little elbow grease, your wooden surface will be like new again. Phew!

19. Turn your grill into a non-stick grill.

This will actually PREVENT future cleaning. it’s a big time saver, and you’ll thank yourself next time you won’t have to clean the grease out of your grill. As the grill heats, cut an onion and rub the cut onion all over it. No more scouring for all of the stuck bits.