19 Cat Facts You Need To Know Right Meow

You’re a crazy cat person? Put your knowledge about your favorite fuzzy friend to the test! It might finally help you understand that little furry weirdo living in your house.


1. To them, life’s a game.


2. As if they weren’t already graceful enough, cats can also jump five times their own height!


3. They’ll basically just steal candy so you can’t have any.

4. Not a herd, not a pack, but a ‘clowder’.


5. They LOVE sleeping in.


6. They’re dangerous little buggers!

7. Finally, they can be tracked down for their crimes.


8. Especially in winter, cats are considered a delicious diet supplement.


9. Yes, you’re allowed to use this knowledge against them.

10. So they DO sweat!


11. They hate taking a bath. Don’t be fooled here, they will try to kill you.


12. Yeah right, why do they never think of this BEFORE they climb the tree?

13. A pretty name doesn’t make it a pretty sight.


14. Cats like nibbling on your fingers to tell you that they’re happy with your behavior. “You’ve done well, strange hooman!”


15. Weird coincidence.

16. No kitting.


17. A cat’s purr has the same frequency as a diesel motor engine.


18. How do you know which one’s which, though?

19. They like giving massages. Especially when you don’t want one.