18 Funny Wedding Cake Toppers That Will Make Your Big Day Even More Special!

1. For a seriously ‘meme’orable wedding.


2. For every couple that met at Crossfit.


3. For the men who had trouble committing.

4. For the fairytale endings.


5. For those worried about the sinkhole that is marriage.


6. For the women who reeled their man in.

7. For the couples who’ve decided to stop horsing around and settle down.


8. For the digital age couple.


9. For the Bridezillas.

10. For the gamers.


11. For the ladies who like a cheeky squeeze.


12. For the men who never win.

13. For those who are planning on some serious celebrations.


14. For those who want to go for something unusual.


15. For those who are most excited about the cake-face smooshing.


16. For the men who are now tied down.


17. For those that might be having doubts…