18 Reasons Why Drunk People Are Just Reliving Their Youth

Ever think you’ll never be any good with babies? Never fear, if you’ve ever taken care of a drunk friend, you’ve got this baby stuff down. Here’s a few reasons why babies are pretty much ¬†just tiny drunk people.


1. Putting on shoes becomes impossible…


2. …And pretty much any basic motor skills are non-existent.

We’ve all had to dress a drunk friend at some point.


3. They don’t understand a word you’re saying.

Which is okay, because they’re not making sense either.

4. They cry for no reason.


5. They fall asleep pretty much anywhere.


6. They drool on all your stuff.

7. They make a bigger mess in an attempt to act normal.


8. They think they can feed themselves, but really, they can’t.


9. When you try to help them, they go berzerk.

10. Boobies become irresistibly funny.


11. They don’t like getting their picture taken…


12. …But five minutes later they love it and they love everything in the world.

13. They always look like they’re having more fun than you.


14. They fall over. A lot.


15. They get angry for no reason.

16. When they try to run, things get ugly.


17. Sometimes, there’s vomit…


18. …But when they’re all tucked in and asleep, you wouldn’t mind doing it all over again tomorrow.