18 Reasons Why You Need To Cut Off The Man Bun

The man bun is one of those trends that people almost universally hated straight away. One guy hated the fad so much he went around cutting the hair extension off from unsuspecting victims. Although one might argue that they were victims as soon as they decided to tie their hair up into a bun. Here are 18 reasons the world hates your man bun and why you should get out those scissors.


1. You look like a cartoon.


2. It encroaches on other people’s personal space.


3. It is now being combined with the awful rat’s tail.

4. The tiny fedoras.


5. It looks like a bread bag.


6. Oh good grief this guy is clutching at straws.


7. Once you start, you can’t stop.


8. They are secretly horrifying.


9. People have trouble distinguishing it from cosmetics.


10. Chris Brown has one.


11. You look like a stupid tree. *shakes fist at stupid trees*



12. They try too hard to be cool.

13. It encourages animal abuse.



14. Also animal depression.


15. It looks like utter garbage.

16. You look like a big baby.


17. You think you look like this but you don’t.


18. It makes other people want to cut it off.