18 Precisely Paused Videos With Hilariously Inappropriate Consequences

1. Charlie’s grandparents don’t seem so nice, all of a sudden!


2. Carrie doing her best horse imitation… Wait? What?


3. Scully had just about enough of Moulder!

4. “You’re mine, cupcake!”


5. Minions can be so inappropriate in the work place…


6. Andy’s inspiration for “J#$z In My Pants”.

7. Derps be like.


8. “What’s that?! Didn’t like Harry Potter, Mate?”


9. Emma Stone shows her murderous side.

10. That moment Harry reaches puberty…


11. “F…udge you Phil!”


12. Donna’s mad!

13. Tom Cruise finds “being the squirrel” helps him with his own stunts


14. Hey Girl… Ryan isn’t impressed.


15. Depry Girls more like.

16. Does this mean they were ‘friends’ all along?


17. Singing faces are never pretty…