18 Photos So Perfectly Timed You Won’t Believe They’re Real

Some of these photos are simply stunning, some are simply hilarious, but ALL of them are so perfectly timed that you may think they are photoshopped. They were not, they just had a very clever or patient photographer.


1. Whip it…whip it good.


2. Now give me some fin…niiiice.


3. Satellite disruption: Moon shade.

4. That crane is going to buckle any minute.


5. The universal signal for wanting a toke or grabbing a tiny plane.


6. Over my dead body bubble.

7. Jesus is the only one that knows where it is.


8. “Drowning in the sea of love”.


9. This adds to the suspicion that he is an illegal alien.

10. Sky: stop blowing smoke up my ass.


11. Look Jesus…me too.


12. Birds of a feather.

13. The seeing eye.


14. Why did I sting you?…because f*** you that’s why.


15. Man on the moon.

16. He had a bit too much alley to his oop.

17. Well timed Sir, well timed.