18 Photos That Perfectly Describe Everyone Getting Married

Now that you’ve reached the age when everyone around you seems to be getting married, you’re completely over it already. Your friend’s buying a house while expecting twins from the perfect husband? Whatever – you just bought the XXL pizza with extra cheese, so who’s winning at life, right?!


1. Living on the edge.


2. “I am just super busy, don’t even get time to relax anymore.”


3. “Hell yeah I have!”

4. “Not only because I can, but also because I want to.”


5. Stop smiling, stop it.


6. #islandlife.

7. “I am living my life to the fullest, OK?”


8. The man of your dreams is only a salami away.


9. “Pretty damn good. Well, neither pretty nor good, but damn!”

10. Just hanging around.


11. Finally accomplished a lifelong goal.


12. “Imma have the guacamole. Just that, yes. Thanks.”

13. “I multi-task.”


14. “Affordable ones.”


15. “It’s great, you should come and meet my new friends.”

16. “It’s too soon to talk about it, the memory is still too vivid.”


17. Hiding from life.


18. “So great that I can’t even smile anymore.”