18 Perfectly Innocent Photos That Are Tainted With Dirt From Your Mind

All of these photos are very innocent and no ill intent was behind them. Unfortunately, placement is crucial and for these poor suckers they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Note: No humans or animals were molested in the taking of these photos.


1. This is not as dirty as it seems but we are still curious as to where exactly his hand is?


2. Her father’s daughter.


3. We are not sure what else is could be though?

4. Giving a friend a leg up.


5. It’s just pigs…it’s just pigs…it’s just pigs.


6. Santa’s little helper.

7. She doesn’t have a clue.


8. When you miss arm day you betray your friends.


9. Incest: A game the whole family can play.

10. The most accurate facial expressions ever.


11. He has big expectations for that coke.


12. Not the best dick pic we have seen.

13. Literally, Oscar Meyer’s wiener.


14. A new but effective tactic.


15. This shouldn’t happen at the playground.

16. Soccer players. So dramatic.


17. Elbow slip.


18. Take a look…take a second look…take a third if you must.

19. This one time, at cheer camp…


20. Ohh so close to being a great profile picture.


21. Never shoot from below, this is a cardinal sin ladies.

22. Check your selfie before you wreck your selfie.