18 People Who Wore Brilliant T-Shirts At The Perfect Time

These 20 people weren’t going to miss out on the opportunity to become instant legends.


1. You’re just asking for trouble when you wear a shirt like this.


2. Even George Lucas agrees that Han shot first.


3. This guy’s milking the experience for all it’s worth.

4. How Whiskers got her groove back.


5. Game of groans.


6. Mars attacks.

7. Hodor-able.


8. Well…this is awkward.


9. Meeting your idol without realizing it.

10. The north remembers.


11. Dad in training.


12. The moment we’ve all been waiting for.

13. The dog even thinks this is bizarre.


14. Memento.


15. You’re doing it wrong.

16. He died a little every time.


17. It’s all fun and games until someone wears a Patriots shirt.


18. This kid is clearly uncomfortable.