18 Optical Illusions That Will Totally Wreak Havoc In Your Brain

1. Let’s start simple. What do you see here? An old man, or a horse rider?


2. What about here? Women or columns?


3. This is NOT a gif. I repeat, this is NOT a gif.

4. Cover up the middle of this image, and you’ll see everything move faster.


5. These two colored boxes are actually moving at the same speed.


6. It is convex or concave?

7. Can you make sense of this paradoxical art?


8. What is happening with this chair?


9. More paradoxical art.

10. Upside down or right side up?


11. Where’s the start?


12. Paradoxical art that’s too confusing for our brains.

13. These people are actually both normal sized, but the room uses perspective to mess with you.


14. This will challenge your perspective too.


15. There’s no green in this gif, right? Now stare at the black cross and watch what happens.

16. Stare at the white spot and see what happens when the picture goes away.


17. Which way is this guy facing!?


18. Last but not least, there’s always the dress. Do you see white and gold or black and blue?