18 Of The World’s Worst Haircuts. Somehow, These Humans Exist.

1. People with spider phobias HATE this guy. Shiver.


2. She took an ancient Roman helmet into the hairdressers. Guess she got what she wanted.


3. He don’t give Massachusetts about what you think. Or he doesn’t realize what his barber carved in back there.

4. When you can’t grow a mustache yet, just get a man’s face who can shaved into your dome.


5. The pharaoh lives.


6. He and his head-hugging friend have no idea why the interview didn’t go well.

7. She’s not an attention seeker though.


8. His mohawk has dyslexia.


9. This guy. Just this guy.

10. He’s inspired by Orwell’s 19


11. He asked for the plague cut.


12. This has given kids more nightmares than Captain Hook.

13. Yeah brother, you’re having the last laugh.


14. Check yo’self.


15. Alright. Not bad, guy.

16. Some young men like to have had plenty of time to practice getting their combover technique down before nature takes it course.


17. Rah-spect.


18. Fi