18 Of The Most Adorable Monster Cats In The World!

1. These two have arm wrestles.


2. When your pet cat makes fun of you for having small feet…


3. No one pokes jokes at this ginger.

4. Fox’s swagger just got shattered..


5. His owners have had to tie him down. He’s been known to float.


6. They take turns doing this.

7. Do not confuse her grimace for a smile.


8. Redefining the dimensions of the cat bed.


9. This cat is going to need nine lives.

10. The Petcorcist required.


11. “Yes? And…”


12. The Shaq of cats.

13. Cat door? Not an option.


14. He’s called Garfield. And he has a bigger head than his human owner.


15. Respect.

16. This one can waltz.


17. This is how David felt, looking at Goliath.


18. Completely understand this expression.