18 Of The Weirdest Tinder Profiles Ever. Swipe Left!

1. Line up, ladies!

2. In spite of the fun she’s having in that photo, she tells us she’s after a human date.


3. Mo’Nique or Ma’TtDamon?


4. Charming…


5. She’s only 6 kilometres away…time to move.


6. Yea, the crisp suit and tie just scream badass!

7. Guilty.

8. What you do on your own time is no business of ours…


9. Sounds like a real catch!

10. I’m beginning to think everyone named Nathan needs to be avoided…

11. Hey, at least he’s visiting her.

12. Swipe right.

13. Glad we clarified that, My-Nga.

14. This guy’s so hot right now.

15. Swipe left.

16. Definitely swipe left.

17. That’s a weird visual.

18. Tim got owned.