18 Of The Most Hilariously Haunting Halloween Pranks Ever

Halloween is just around the corner and that means it’s time to put your creative pants on.  If you need some insidious inspiration, then let these 18 pranks give you a grudge nudge in the right direction.


1. The Grudge.


2. The Grudge 2.



3. He’s just casually sitting in the car waiting to devour your children.

4. Pranking pigs.


5. “Hello your speaking with…ahhhhhhh I’m dying…I AM DYING.”


6. Good thing she will be sitting on the toilet when she sees this.

7. You unimaginable bastard.


8. It would be less funny if her Dad had a heart attack.


9. Don’t let the bed bugs bite.

10. It was less terrifying after they realized it wasn’t the cat.


11. This is always the biggest fear whilst doing laundry.


12. Silence of the Lambs your roomates.

13. No screaming…keep your mouth shut.


14. That devil cat.


15. The doll needs to be burned immediately.

16. Chucky wants to play…with your morning coffee fix.


17. This continuous need to give your parents a heart attack is beyond normal.



18. Worst roommate ever.

19. Yeah it’s not a great time to play games. Important business is being done.