18 Nipple Tattoos For Those That Have A “Special” Sense Of Humor

1. He’s fighting the losing battle!


2. Pacman is hungry


3. A T-Rex with a cooked ham… Seems legit

4. So that’s where Waldo has been hiding!


5. Bull ring


6. The hairy wizard looks so happy!

7. “Titty Twister”


8. I’d be a sad clown if I looked like this.


9. Mr Happy Sombrero

10. Mr Sleepy Sombrero


11. Disabled nipple


12. Happy face nipple

13. Penny farthing


14. Don’t pull the pin!


15. Dr Seuss fans should look away now!

16. “No comment”


17. This makes as much sense as it looks comfortable…


18. A pierced nipple dick for good measure