18 Kitchen Hacks To Make You A Professional Chef

There is only ever going to be one Julia Child, or one aggravated Gordon Ramsey. Those chefs are in a class of their own, but you can be still be like them with these handy kitchen tips. They will make life in the kitchen a little bit easier and you’ll impress anyone you happen to be dining with, Even if it is just your cat. Cats like pretentious human food, those snobby feline bastards.


1. Grate that butter.

Cold butter can be hard to work with, so grate the butter. It will melt and or mix easier.


2. Use the larger part of the eggshell.

It’s inevitable that after you crack a few eggs you are bound to get some shell in the mix. Instead of fishing it out with a spoon, just use the larger part of the shell. No mess no fuss.


3. How fresh is that egg?

If it floats throw it away. Easy.

4. Freeze that wine.

If you have any wine left over from the stress of making dinner, then put it in an ice tray. You’ll be able to use the ice cubes in the future to make “sauces”.


5. The perfect peel.

Try and be a bit more classy than biting the top off an orange. Simply cut and follow the step. No stingy citrus hands for you either.


6. Garlic hands no more. Garlic breath maybe.

Place your garlic in bowl and put the lid on it. Shake it with all your might and the garlic will peel itself.

7. Microwave trickery.

If you are reheating the delicious food you made from the previous night, then create a hole in the middle of the plate or bowl. It will heat faster and evenly.


8. Leave ice cream in the bag.

If you leave the ice cream in the plastic back it wont freeze so hard and you’ll be able spoon it real good.


9. Place a wet cloth beneath your cutting board.

Stop the chance of your cutting board slipping out from under you.


10. Soak up water.

If you place a paper towel in your salad, it will soak up the water and keep your salad fresh.

11. Stoning cherries.

Use a small stick to stone your cherries into a bottle. You will save some sweet cherry flesh with a stick rather than using a knife.


12. Dental floss hack.

If you need to cut a desert perfectly, try using unscented dental floss. Don’t let anyone see you though because it is not so classy.


13. Roll out the lemon.

Before you cut up a lemon, roll it out with the palm of your hand. It will be easier to juice that way.

14. The chefs need to drink cold wine.

If you need to keep your wine cool, then freeze some grapes. You don’t want to use ice cubes because it will water down your wine and no one wants to deal with that kitchen disaster.


15. Peel ginger with a spoon.

It sounds weird but it works surprisingly well. It will save you wasting a drop of ginger.


16. Stop your pot from boiling over.

If you place a wooden spoon over the top of your pot, it will stop it from boiling over.

17. Jar lid stuck?


It doesn’t mean that you are a serial killer if you have plastic gloves lying around the kitchen. It just means that you have a lack of arm strength and you need plastic gloves to help you.


18. Clear ice.

The difference between cloudy ice and clear ice is 5 minutes. If you are having a party and you are in charge of ice, then boil water for five minutes and place it in an ice tray. Phoebe would do it.


19. BBQ lemon base.

Next time you have a BBQ, which may be some months away, try cooking fish on a base of lemon slices. It will still cook the fish evenly but it will absorb the lemon flavor throughout the fish.


20. Egg overload.

If you need to cook a lot of eggs for a lot of people in a small amount of time, then put the oven on at 160 degrees for 15 minutes.