18 Innocent Eyebrows Gone Wild

“I don’t always surf the internet but when I do, eyebrows.”


1. Sponsored by…


2. She’s certainly got strong eyebrow game.


3. Uncertainty expressed in its most genius form.

4. Epic or fail?


5. Having another look in the mirror might be a lifesaver.


6. Is it Halloween already?

7. The aftermath of an unlucky encounter with a wild razor.


8. Find the mistake.


9. Cloudy with a chance of regret.

10. Following YouTube tutorials gone wrong.


11. Wrongfully? Really?


12. “Excuse me, I moustache a question.”

13. The comeback of the mono-brow.


14. Double trouble.


15. What a true poker face looks like.

16. Just a pair of backup brows.


17. Illuminating?


18. Less is not always more.