18 Inexplicable Pictures That Will Trouble And Amuse You

1. There’s neighborhood drug stores and then there’s ‘hood’ drug stores. Dude def’ visited the latter.


2. Putin fell in love when he saw a picture of a goddess.


3. This guy, racing to the first order he’s had since ’78.

4. Some people are lucky enough to live with regrets.


5. Daniel Day-Lewis in method-acting mode again.


6. Good luck with custody, hero.

7. The village elders show off their prestige.


8. It’s wearing human equipment.


9. “You drink Fireball. I play Fireball.”

10. His wife said she’d take him back. He just had to show his devotion in one simple way.


11. Yeah, the stand’s down. But not in the sheep’s mind it isn’t.


12. Genius. People pay you to cover your naked, pale bodies.

13. You assume that this is the graduate’s dad. It’s actually his lil’ bro who has that condition that Robin Williams had in Jack.


14. Have you heard of Bieber’s friend, Swaggy P?


15. BYO-curious.

16. Putin out for some exercise through toxic waste ponds like it ain’t no thang. Tour buses follow him with masks on.


17. The Appalachians are nice this time of year.


18. Ant(ioxidant) Man.