18 Horrifying, True Facts That Will Smack Your Mouth Wide Open

1. Baby male chicks are all slaughtered in factory grinders.

Considered useless by meat companies because they don’t lay eggs or grow big or fast enough to be profitable as meat, male chicks are killed en masse thrown into grinding machines.


2. Bodies litter Mount Everest.

On the trail up to the summit of the famous man-killing mountain, 200 bodies are strewn along the way, serving as landmarks.


3. Lick it up.

Your toilet seat is likely the cleanest place in your home.

4. They feed on tears.

It’s not actually the croc who feeds off the tears of other animals. It’s insects, moths and butterflies.


5. Extinction is on the horizon.

Scientists say that extinction is occurring at 1,000 to 10,000 times the rate that species die in nature. That’s our fault.


6. Dead winner.

It’s more probably that you’ll die on the way to buy your lottery ticket, than it is you will actually win in your lifetime. Oh.

7. Disgusting skin.

When you are riding the subway, be aware (and then try to forget) that the air you are breathing is 15% the human skin of others.


8. No homeless!

In Europe, there are twice as many empty homes than homeless people.


9. It’s even more strangely sad in America!

10. This ‘mite’ freak you out.

There’s between 100,000 and 10 million dust mites in your mattress. They are chomping down on your dead skin.


11. Bad, bad lion.

When a male lion takes over a new pack, he kills the male cubs. Ruthless.


12. This is horrible

13. F the FDA.

The FDA allows additives in American food that are widely banned throughout the rest of the world.


14. Really, Florida?

Florida’s denial of climate change is absolutely NEXT level. They’ve BANNED the term. Says University of Miami geologist Harold Wanless: “It’s beyond ludicrous to deny using the term climate change. It’s criminal at this point.”


15. Unnecessary deaths.

As the diagram shows – up to 40% of American deaths are preventable.

16. As we watch The Hunger Games…

1 in 9 people do not have enough food to reach their full, productive potential.


17. New slaves.

There are MORE SLAVES IN THE WORLD RIGHT NOW than AT ANY OTHER TIME IN HUMAN HISTORY! The number is 27 million. Atrocious.


18. A shameful waste.

In the US, 30-40% of all food is wasted. Considering the above statistics about hunger, it’s time for change.