18 Guys That Prove Tramp Stamps Aren’t Only Horrible On Girls

The nineties, a glorious era. ‘Twas the time of Spice Girls, chokers, platform shoes, and tramp stamps. Unfortunately, all of these things are making a comeback. However, when we say “tramp stamp”, you’re going to have to rethink your stereotypical idea of a white girl in apple bottom jeans with a butterfly on her lower back. That’s right, men have fallen victim to the trend that just doesn’t end too.


1. A tribal tramp stamp, aka “a double whammy”.


2. How dare you take the Batman’s name in vain?


3. If this isn’t the epitome of class, we don’t know what is.

4. This is a tragedy. All of it.


5. Another case of double whammy.


6. The biggest Catfish of all. We bet Nev doesn’t have this photo on his Tinder profile.

7. Oh, David Beckham… We forgive you. You can have a tramp stamp if you want. Here, have two.


8. The way he wears his pants explains how much thought went into that star tramp stamp.


9. Taking things very literal, are we?

10. We sincerely hope Taco Bell paid him for this… but they probably didn’t.


11. No surprise there.


12. Please don’t take mirror selfies of your own tramp stamp. It makes it look like you’re proud of it. Which you shouldn’t be. So, stop.

13. This is anything but rock ‘n roll.


14. “I’m going to get something deep tattooed on my lower back and then I want you to take a picture of me but it has to be sepia. SEPIA OK?!”


15. This is nor cute, nor sexy.

16. While this tramp stamp is the least concerning thing in this photo, it’s still pretty concerning.


17. That’s also the nickname he gave to his manhood.


18. At least he looks the part. That is some serious tribal tramp stamp hair.