18 Fashion Trends From The 00s That “Need” To Make A Comeback

For some reason, fashion trends in the 2000s made every guy look like he belonged to a frat. Here are 18 trends that make you want to vomit all over a sweater vest.


1. Sugar Ray called, he wants his hair back.


2. The hair gel industry was in business…and business was good.


3. First guy: “Who else wears a fedora?” Second guy: “Indiana Jones.” First guy: “Yeah let’s keep it that way.”

4. Trucker caps or f*cker caps – referencing the people inside the hats.


5. Are you an accountant from the 1930s? No? Then take off the visors.


6. If you wore a shell necklace your name was probably Skip, Zac or Chad and you claimed to surf.

7. There are many reasons to dislike Kanye West, one of them is shutter sunglasses.


8. “Are you the guy that I buy the weed from? Otherwise why would you wear those oversized festival glasses?


9. Boys in the 2000s decided that their necks needed to make a statement and that statement was the popped collar.

10. If you were in a band you basically jizzed in your pants when you were able to get hold of a skinny tie.


11. How sexy are these canvas belts? Really sexy…really, really sexy.


12. Are you working out? No? Then don’t wear a sweatband. Oh wait do you have a sweat condition?

13. Deep V neck shirts went where no shirt was supposed to go.


14. Don’t wear a sweater vest – people will think you’re Steve Urkel.

let's hear it for the boys, let's give the year 2000 a hand emgn 14


15. Two questions: What is it and how do you kill it?

16. Is it gangster night at Alpha Gamma Omega Moron? It must be gangster night, but where’s your fedora?


17. It’s definitely gangster night.


18. To quote Superbad: “Nobody’s gotten a hand job in cargo shorts since ‘nam.” Plus you’re creepy dude, put that ‘rape face’ away.