18 Celebs Who Had Near Death Experiences

These celebrities had to experience first hand that their fame doesn’t make them immortal.


1. Burt Reynolds.

The star almost lost his battle with pill addiction after slipping into a nine-hour coma. Fortunately, he had very dedicated doctors.


2. Tracy Morgan.

What many don’t know about Morgan is that he almost got killed in a collision with a Wal-Mart truck. His friend James McNair died in the accident.


3. Tony Bennett.

Due to major debt, Bennett attempted suicide when he was younger. Luckily, he survived and decided to change his life.

4. Joaquin Phoenix.

In 2006, Phoenix was involved in a severe crash because his car’s breaks weren’t functioning properly.


5. George Lucas.

Shortly before his graduation from high school, Lucas wrecked his car and suffered severe injuries. He spent several weeks in hospital, clinging onto life.


6. Sharon Stone.

When an artery popped inside her skull, Sharon Stone almost lost her life to the internal bleeding.

7. Eminem.

In 2005, rapper Eminem almost died because of an methadone overdose.


8. Rachel Bilson.

When she was 14, Bilson was involved in a violent car crash. The window smashed into Bilson’s head and almost killed her. Even today she still suffers from regular migraines caused by her head injuries.


9. Orlando Bloom.

When trying to climb a drain pipe, Bloom fell three stories deep and ended up temporarily paralyzed. Fortunately, he has made a full recovery.

10. Anne Hathaway.

In 2014, Hathaway almost died in a forceful riptide on Hawaii. She was rescued by a local surfer who pulled her out of the water.


11. Donald Sutherland.

In 1979, Sutherland almost lost his life to meningitis.


12. Drew Barrymore.

When living with Tom Green, Barrymore’s house caught fire. If they hadn’t been woken up by their loyal dog, they could have died in their sleep.

13. Ed Begley Jr.

In 1972, the actor got beaten up by a teenage gang in Compton. His injuries were so severe that he almost died in hospital.


14. Eric Roberts.

Roberts crashed his car when he was distracted by his dog. He spent several days in a coma and almost didn’t make it.


15. Jane Seymour.

When the actress was 36-years-old, she had a pretty bad flu and was given a penicillin injection. Only then she found out that she was allergic to penicillin. She almost died due to her body’s intense allergic reaction.

16. Martin Lawrence.

In 1999, Lawrence suffered such bad heat stroke that he had to be rushed to hospital. Trying to lose weight for a role, he had been running with several layers of clothes on a particularly hot day. He briefly went into a coma in hospital but then recovered.


17. Owen Wilson.

In 2007, Owen Wilson almost took his own life by overdosing on pills and simultaneously slitting his wrists. He was discovered by his brother Luke Wilson, who prevented the worst from happening.


18. 50 Cent.

Of course everyone knows the incredible story of 50 Cent’s survival. This man seriously survived being hit by nine bullets fired at close range in 2000.