18 Awesome Jeans Hacks So Your Favorite Denim Never Has To Die

1. Dress your bed up

Your bed is probably jealous of how good you look in jeans, so now you can dress it up too!


2. Shredded denim can be weaved into a funky rug

These super-durable rugs are great for pets and people.


3. Old denim makes great wine gift bags

And they’re reusable, so your creations won’t go to waste.

4. Make a funky soft toy

A denim whale? Yes please!


5. Use your old jeans for an arts and crafts wall hanging

You can keep everything in jeans pockets.


6. Sew your old jeans into nifty wallets

Just pick up some funky lining and get sewing!

7. Dress up your planter boxes in old jeans

Too cute.


8. Make a cute can cozy for your next party

Because everyone hates cold can hands.


9. Turn your pants into a skirt!

Give your old jeans a second life!

10. Make a cute tote bag for the beach

Jeans are made from denim because it’s durable. Perfect for a casual tote bag!


11. Add some decorations for a funky water bottle holder

Because holding a water bottle is just too hard


12. Make a funky apron

Use jeans that are already cooking-stained for a more authentic apron feel.

13. Turn them into jewelry!

Yea, you can hold onto your old pants forever, in the form of jewelry! Add a little lace for something super fancy.


14. Make belt loop earrings!

These are perfect for any denim lover.


15. Funky decorated denim bracelets

Lace, beads, whatever! Make these bracelets your own using whatever you want.

16. Cute denim flowers

These flowers look great on headbands!


17. Make a denim Christmas wreath

Ring in the silly season with a cool denim wreath like this!


18. Make Christmas Stockings!

These amazing little stockings would go with that Christmas wreath perfectly.