17 Working Class Heroes That Totally Disregard Their Own Safety

These guys prove that no matter how dangerous the job, there will always be that one guy who decides, “today’s the day I give the grim reaper a giant middle finger”. Here are 17 guys that have gigantic manhoods the size of hot air balloons and brains the size of peanuts.


1. This might be a new form of erotic asphyxiation.


2. One more thing to cross off the bucket list.


3. Dumb and dumber.

4. Jack wasn’t a smart man, but there was no one better at wire maintenance.


5. This will be quite the van-ishing act.


6. Don’t worry, the cabinets will break his fall.

7. When in doubt, use child labor.


8. The warehouse version of Tetris.


9. That’s not what they meant by pickup truck.

10. Stairway to heaven.


11. Problem solved.


12. “Look at our cool fort!”

13. That’s one way to get a sunroof.


14. They are using circus acrobats as builders these days.


15. Imagine looking out of your window and seeing that.

safety is not guaranteed emgn 16


16. Bottoms up.


17. Between a rock and a hard place.


18. This guy really hates his job.