17 Unexplained Mysteries Of The World That Remain Unsolved

School taught you silly things like maths and science and tried to tell you that the world was governed by complicated ideas such as the ‘laws of physics’, but science can’t always help you. These 17 unexplained mysteries will have you questioning whether science was really just selling us snake oil this whole time.


1. Human remains in a mysterious liquid.

Lady Dais is a 2,000-year-old mummified corpse from the Han dynasty. When she was found, her skin was still soft and her joints could still bend. She was buried in a mysterious liquid that scientists can’t replicate and her corpse is by far the most well preserved corpse in human history.


2. Different blood types.

Today we really don’t give blood types a second thought. We know that humans have different blood types but no one knows exactly why.


3. The mysterious thundercloud in the Australian outback.

Almost every afternoon from September to March each year, a thundercloud forms on the Tiwi Islands in Australia’s Northern Territory. It has been the subject of various meteorological studies and is thought to be caused by sea breezes.

4. Human/alien skeleton.

A skeleton approximately 6 inches long was discovered in Chile’s Atacama Desert 12 years ago but it wasn’t extraterrestrial. After recent testing at Stanford University, it was discovered that the skeleton was in fact a mutated humanoid.


5. Planes go missing all the time without a trace.

When Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 went missing last year people collectively lost their minds, but planes go missing more often than you think. In the last 70 years, nearly 90 commercial airliners have vanished without a trace.


6. Australian prime minister vanishes without a trace.

Harold Holt was the Australian prime minister for 22 months when he went swimming at Cheviot Beach and disappeared, probably after being eaten by sharks. His body was never found.

7. A gorilla replies to a question about death.

Koko was a gorilla that was taught sign language in order to communicate with humans. After being asked where gorillas go after death, Koko replied by signing “comfortable, hole , bye”.


8. The Kepler telescope has spotted 1,200 possible worlds.

One out of every 37 stars may contain an alien earth which is able to sustain life. These findings point to the real possibility that there are billions of life-giving planets in our galaxy alone.


9. The dancing plague of 1518.

In Strasbourg, France a mysterious dancing plague took hold of the town which lasted over a month. During this time, people died due to exhaustion in a dancing frenzy that has never been adequately explained.

10. Brain injury causes one man to become a musical genius.

After suffering a brain injury, one man received Acquired Musical Savant syndrome which basically gave him the ability to become a great pianist. The man felt compelled to sit at a keyboard a few days after the incident.


11. The Voynich Manuscript.

This 240 page book was written in the 15th century in a secret language that is completely unknown. It has been read by many professional cryptographers but none have been able to decipher it.


12. Rare motorcycle is found behind a wall.

The Traub is the rarest motorcycle in the world. In 1968 it was found behind a wall in Chicago and still runs to this day.

13. The cure for being Stereoblind.

For 67 years one man lived with a condition known as Stereoblindness which is the inability to experience depth perception. After going to a 3D movie, his brain was suddenly able to process the images to perceive depth.


14. Animals cause city to evacuate.

In 1975, the city of Haicheng, China was evacuated after dogs and various other animals started acting strangely. Over 90,000 residents were evacuated from the city because of this strange phenomenon and hours later a 7.3 magnitude quake leveled 90% of the city.


15. The alien virus.

The Pandora virus is considered to be of extraterrestrial origins because scientists have not been able to identify 93% of its genetic makeup. It was discovered underwater off the coast of Australia, because…Australia.

16. Devil’s Kettle Falls.

The Devil’s Kettle Falls run along Lake Superior’s north shore and have puzzled people for generations. One side of the falls connects up with Lake Superior – which is normal – but the other is a deep hole and scientists are unsure about where the water goes and what lies beneath.


17. The Great Attractor is sucking our galaxy towards it.

The Great Attractor is a dark matter that is so dense it is pulling many galaxies including our own Milky Way towards it at a speed of 14 million miles per hour.