17 Tricks For Recycling Old Household Favorites

We so often throw things away without realizing that they can have a second life that can be just as good, and possibly even an improvement upon their original use. There’s nothing quite like the kudos you get when people realize how imaginative and innovative you can be.


1. Instead of throwing them away, take the last of your old candles and make new ones.


2. Take your used pineapple skins and you’ll have sun tea!


3. When you’re down to your last little bits of lip balm, melt them down together into empty mint containers. Good as new.

4. Take an empty plastic container and keep your trash bags convenient.


5. When you are camping, you can bake cake over the open fire in orange peels. It adds so much to the flavor.


6. A button-up shirt that needs to retire can become a pillowcase with no shortage of attitude.

7. Your old, messed up garden hoses can come together to make an awesome rug like this one.


8. A boring paper lantern can easily get a whole new life as an interesting fish-scaled fixture.


9. Turn a mason jar into a vase that gets noticed.

10. Your old cereal boxes can become handy magazine holders. This is even better if you can get your hands on some vintage versions.


11. You can turn milk jugs into great planters.


12. Old drawers get a whole new identity as awesome planters.

13. Soda boxes make seriously cool pencil cases.


14. Easily recreate empty plastic bottles into funky chandeliers.


15. Again with the planters.

16. Apparently real estate agents do this. Put coffee grounds into lovely smelling candles. The smell is said to make people feel comfortable and happy.


17. When a board game has done its dash, turn it into one of these fashion forward totes.