17 Tips To Make Your Backyard Party Super Classy

Get your party started on your own terms with these 17 backyard party tips.


1. These floating candles look fantastic and would be bug bombers from the party with citronella oil.


2. This easy to make water balloon pinata is loads of fun and a great way for kids to cool off in the sun.


3. Making portable tacos in empty chip bags is a fun idea that also means no washing up.

4. The lines on a solo cup are proper liquor measurements so your guests don’t go overboard.


5. Use kids buckets and shovels to house snacks at a beach themed party.


6. Giant bubble stations are easy to prepare and won’t burn a hole in your wallet.

7. Spruce up your folding chairs with a shot of fabulous.


8. These ice cream cone fruit baskets will be the talk of the party – make sure you put a cupcake liner on the inside so nothing goes soggy.


9. This is how you cook a giant amount of corn on the cob.

10. Ice your shot glasses to add a touch of class and cool to your liquor.


11. Create your own makeshift bar with a plywood box on top of some cinder blocks.


12. This burger bar will allow your guests to create their own flavor and will mean less work for you.

13. Supply lots of sunscreen and bug spray in an easily accessible place for all guests.


14. A cupcake liner with a hole in the bottom big enough for a straw will keep nature out of your sugary drinks.


15. Add a little danger to your party as guests get crushed by falling 2x4s while playing giant Jenga.

16. Hang a picture frame from a tree to make the ultimate lasting memory.


17. A massive food board menu will add an extra touch of class to any backyard party.