17 Times Twitter Tried To Change The English Language

Twitter has been responsible for a lot of sh*t in its time, most notably the rise and fall of Kanye West and multiple examples of other celebrity thought rage. Now, certain Twitter users have decided that they want to change the English language. Here are 17 different words that have got our attention.


1. Turn up the heat.


2. Say Cheese.


3. The television wars.

4. Trump probably.


5. Going out on a limb.


6. Inviting someone to a poker night just got very confusing.

7. You’re toast.


8. Resistance is futile.


9. That’s racist towards other animals.

10. Spliff politics.


11. Hardcore Parcour.


12. How about very little boat?

13. In and out.


14. Mechanical Fault.


15. One ring to rule them all.