17 Things That Would Have Dominated Instagram Had It Existed In The 90s

1. Cassette game solid.


2. Back when Lance was #1 in our hearts and our hashtags.


3. #EasyBake

4. “Bugg’n”


5. They’d be breaking rules for the sake of a good ‘Gram back then, too.


6. Furbies might have very well taken over Instagram.

7. RIP Blockbuster.


8. There’s probably be mood apps, too.


9. Imagine all the treats and sweets we’d see…

10. For the soul.


11. Not only Goosebumps, but that chair. 


12. These deserve to be all over Instagram (and life in general) no matter what the decade.

13. These erasers would be all over your homepage.


14. As well as, of course, our N64 progress.


15. Instamagotchi.