17 Terrifying Scenes Captured On Camera That Will Make You Believe in Ghosts!

1. This guy took a photo of his daughter in Japan. Later he noticed a pair of black combat boots in the photo, even though no one else was there.


2. This woman had been claiming her house was haunted. Her husband snapped a photo of both of her and the dog when no one else was around, but check out the window behind her.


3. These photos were taken by a renovator working on the stairs.

4. This photo was taken by a widow who’d lost her husband to a heart attack years ago.


5. This woman took a snapchat selfie when there were only three of them in the room (she thought).


6. Peter Berthelot took a photo of his wife praying in a church in Norfolk, alone.

7. This creepy picture was taken by Reverend K. F. Lord in North Yorkshire England in 1963.


8. See the two faces in the water?


9. See the Lincoln County courthouse ghost writing on a notepad in the corner?

10. The featureless face of The Slenderman, who appears in pictures of lost people.


11. Pictured below is believed to be Lord Combermere. It was taken in 1891 during his funeral that was happening somewhere else.


12. The “Shadowman” of Moundsville Penitentiary. The lower photo is the same image, just lightened.

13. A photo taken in a hospital in Bolivia. Check out the elevator.


14. The Spirit Hand


15. A guy’s friend kept saying there was a ghost in the living room. He eventually captured it on camera.


16. No one noticed the girl at the bottom of the photo until after this 1970s picture was developed. The Grandma says it looks like the face of Maree, one of the birthday girl’s sisters, who passed away years before.


17. Notice anything strange?