17 Super Easy Magic Tricks That Will Make You The Coolest Clown At The Party

1. Peel a banana to reveal that it’s… PRE-SLICED!


It’s easy, and it’s MIND-BLOWING. It’s all about sticking a pin in there and wiggling it around. This video tutorial will teach you how.


2. Cut a hole in a piece of paper big enough to step through.

Ladies will go crazy for this one. It’s all about folding and cutting. Learn how here.


3. Turn water into ice, instantly.

This one is both incredible and practical but the secret is, it’s not magic, it’s just science. You’ve got to cool the bottle down to almost freezing temperature (about 2 hours in a freezer), then pour it over ice. For some complicated reason, it freezes instantly. This tutorial has all the details.

4. Make a ring climb up a piece of string.

For this one, you’ve got to lie a little. It’s not a piece of string, it’s a rubber band! Although it looks like you’re making your ring climb the string with your mind, you’re actually just stretching out the rubber band.


5. Break an apple in half with your bare hands.

Guess what? Everyone’s strong enough to break an apple in half! Just follow this tutorial and learn the secret of opposing forces.


6. Make a ketchup packet rise and fall in a bottle of water.

It’s all about distraction. You’re actually squeezing the bottle with your right hand, which moves the ketchup packet around. Your left hand just keeps everyone distracted. Learn how with this tutorial.

7. Make a coffee cup levitate.

Another distraction trick. If you make the noises, do the hands and get the angle right, no one will notice the cup is actually speared on to your right thumb.


8. Stick an pencil up your nose and pull it out of your ear.

Study this tutorial before you do it, because this isn’t one you want to get wrong.


9. Turn the word ‘boy’ into a boy!

OK ok, this isn’t really magic, it’s just drawing. You could still impress some people though, so learn how in this tutorial.

10. Stick a pencil through a bag of water without spilling a drop.

According to Buggyandbuddy, this just works. It’s got something to do with polymer chains and the magic of ziplock bags. Follow these instructions and amaze your friends!


11. Find a card hidden in a deck.

This one might take a bit of practice, but it’s worth it. Use these instructions and become a master magician.


12. Levitate.


Yes, you too can levitate two inches of the ground. Basically, you keep your left foot on the ground and push up onto the ball of your foot. Your whole body will appear to be levitating! These expert tips might help.

13. Pass a coin through a table.

This is a great sleight of hand trick if you’re willing to put the time in practicing. This video tutorial will teach you how.


14. Make your pinky disappear.

Don’t stress, you’ll put it back on afterwards. This tutorial will teach you how to remove and reattach your pinky without needing medical attention.


15. Make a ring disappear, then reappear.

Guess what? You just use some fancy fast hand work to switch fingers without anyone noticing. Watch the tutorial for more details.


16. Make amazing color changing soda.

Easy peasy. You just hide a little food coloring in a cup under some ice, and when you pour clear soda in, it will change color. Wowza.


17. Restore and re-fill an empty cola can.

This clever trick involves some black paper and needle. Learn how to do this cool trick using this tutorial.


And if these tricks don’t make the other kids like you, you know what to do.