17 Reasons Why Trump Supporters Are Idiots

Recently Trump supporters wrote down what they believed would happen if Trump didn’t win the election and the results aren’t really that surprising considering Trump supporters are made up of people who think Elvis Presley and Tupac are still alive on an island somewhere.


1. God should smite that terrible shirt.


2. Doesn’t really look like you’re using your mind for much at the moment anyway.


3. You mean like literal hell? Like with volcanoes and lava? Sounds kind of awesome.

4. Of course, because communism is really sweeping the globe at the moment. Everyone wants to live like Russia.


5. So the fact that Donald Trump has filed for bankruptcy four times since 1991 doesn’t mean anything to you?


6. As Trump said: “I went to an Ivy League school. I’m very highly educated. I know words. I have the best words.”

7. On the bright side, maybe you’ll be able to spell his name right if he wins.


8. What does that even mean?


9. Yes, because everyone in Washington is so eager to work with Donald Trump.

10. Meaning you would finally be able to tell the truth about yourself? Some would say that’s a good thing.


11. One thing hasn’t changed since the days of slavery – cowards remain cowards.


12. Is that English?

13. Did you just suffer a heart attack?


14. Finally an actual argument, but this is not a reason to elect a hair piece into office.


15. To another first world political system that’s as corrupt as America? It doesn’t exist.

16. You mean that thing America was founded on and the reason you’re in the country to begin with? Say it isn’t so!


17. At least they’re actually qualified for the job.