17 Questions You Always Wanted The Answer To, But Couldn’t Ask

These are things that we have a right to know, but are hesitant to, because at times they’re embarrassing. Well, save yourself an awkward conversation. We’ve got you covered.


1. Sweaty palms.

Two different things can make your palms sweat. Firstly, it can be your body exerting control over its temperature. Secondly, your body also releases sweat due to emotional triggers. They are often linked, so when your heart is racing your body will attempt to cool it down by sweating.


2. Fight or flight?

When you are stressed, anxious or scared, the frontal lobe of your brain can be overly swamped and lose control.


3. The natural reaction.

Coffee can stimulate your muscles to contract along the last bit of your bowel. This gets your intestines’ peristalsis going and sure enough, soon you gotta go. About half of coffee drinkers have this happen to them.

4. Round and round and round we go.

It’s insane, but your brain gets the impression that it has been poisoned. This is commonly caused by the skewing of your body motion/balance with relation to your vision. This also happens when poison is introduced to your body. Accordingly, your body protectively purges.


5. Those acoustics though.

People just generally feel more relaxed in the shower, which lowers their inhibitions. You also feel a sense of comfort in your solitude. Another theory, which is somewhat complementary, is that your bathroom’s acoustics make you sound so much more like your musical icons. Sing when you’re winning.


6. The world is your toilet.

Urine is made up of 95% water, with some sodium and chloride ions thrown in. The ocean already has all of this in it. However, the real ‘waste’ compound that our bodies expel through urine is urea. This is a carbon based compound that damages the ocean. In small doses, of course. The ocean has bigger problems.

7. The best way to go.

Not literally. Instead, it is the breakdown of our cells that makes us susceptible to disease or infection. Life, oh life.


8. Just don’t do it.

It’s more common than we’d like to admit, but many people mess with their scabs. For some, it’s actually a means of managing the pain. This is because when we induce the pain of picking at it, our brains compensate and bring a moment of relief. Scratching elicits a similar response.


9. We just want to feel even.

Your nostrils are basically sharing the work they have to do. That’s why they get full and clogged one at a time. The director of this whole operation is your nervous system.

10. It’s the safest but most noticable place to get them.

Warts are all manifestations of various forms of the HPV virus. The less serious and contagious forms cause warts to appear.


11. You did this to yourself.

Alcohol is directly linked with dehydration. Alcohol also dilates your blood vessels, resulting in that throbbing headache you’ve got the next morning. Alcohol also raises the amounts of stomach acid in your belly, while at the same time it lowers the rate that stomach can regulate itself by emptying. This is why it can induce vomiting. Why do we do it to ourselves? That’s a very, very good question.


12. “Everybody loves their own brand, don’t they?”

In blind smell tests, scientists have worked out that we do actually prefer the smell of our own. Apparently, “When you smell someone else’s Silent But Deadly, your brain detects it as something that is trying to harm your body because of the bad smell, and actually, farts can spread disease.” You’ve got to feel bad for the participants in that experiment.


13. What’s the story morning glory?

First, let’s call morning wood by its fancy name – nocturnal penile tumescence. Although there’s not much evidence as to why it happens, scientists have a theory that the body does it to stretch out the cavernosum, which prevents bed wetting and erectile dysfunction long-term.


14. It’s just another muscle.

Let’s clear something up. This has nothing to do with which hand you masturbate with. Most penises have a slight curve one way or the other, and it’s because of the ligament Tunica Albuginea.


15. You can’t hold it in forever.

Farts occur because you’ve got a build up of gas in your digestive system that needs to come out. If you hold one in you can become bloated and uncomfortable, and doing it too often can result in hemorrhoids or a distended bowel. Don’t worry though, no matter how many you hold in, they’ll all come out once you go to sleep.

16. Some people more than others.

Hair color depends completely on pigment secretion, that’s why it can change over time. As you get older, you stop producing pigment, and your hair returns to its natural grey or white state.


17. Natures biggest mystery.

Because everyone starts off as a girl. Seriously. Listen to this: “For the first several weeks a developing embryo follows a ‘female blueprint,’ from reproductive organs to nipples,” LiveScience tells us. “Only after about 60 days does the hormone testosterone kick in (for those of us with a Y chromosome), changing the genetic activity of cells in the genitals and brain. But by then those mammary papillae aren’t going anywhere.”